ニュージーランド現地校との姉妹校提携についてNew Zealand “Brother” School Program

Kelston Boy’s High School

Liston College

Rosmini College

St Peter’s College

今夏8月2日~23日の22日間、恒例のニュ-ジーランド語学研修が実施されました。これまで本校が積み上げてきた実績を踏まえて、今年は4つの現地校と姉妹校提携を結びました。将来的には、本校生がお世話になるだけでなく、現地校からの訪問を積極的に受け入れていこうと考えています。 Last summer, from August 2nd to 23rd, the customary annual New Zealand Homestay Program was held for 22 days.  Through our school’s many years of experience with this program, this year we finally made “brother” school contracts with four high schools in New Zealand.  In the near future, we will not only visit them, but actively accept their students to study at our school.